How can you improve your life through writing?

Writing feeds the mind. It is a pathway to refocusing ourselves on our centers, to being more in line with who we really wish to be. Join us in being more, doing more, and feeling more at one with ourselves. When we write, we explore possibilities; of the unlimited possibilities of imagination and fiction, sometimes the more prosaic possibilities offered by a resume or a grant application. We write in work, communicating with colleagues and business associates. We write in play, making up silly stories for our children or telling jokes to make our partners laugh. When we write we gain insight into a subject and come to understand it more clearly. After all, the teacher often learns more than the student. This is the goal of writing after all, a transmutation from mind to page. That magical moment of expression is what Majoya Writing is here for.

Majoya Writing is our attempt to grow the potential of the world through writing. We provide grant writing workshops, couples's writing workshops and writing workshops for parents and children with the goal of improving all manner of writing and relational prowess.. It is our hope that everyone who partakes brings away both an improvement in mechanical skill (from ease with grammar to skill at getting into 'the flow') and a corresponding increase in understanding in how to communicate with others.

Writing consultations are also available by appointment.